Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let the race begin

This is my first blog and Election Day is just around the corner. Tonight the RNC is on day two and I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed because I wonder about the continuance of the the United State's greatness.

This election appears to be the most important in my lifetime. Fuel costs are high, the dollar is weak, there are concerns over home ownership and mortgage industry solvency, we worry about the overall physical health of Americans. The mind-numbing posturing of politicians preaching their opinions while waving the flag makes me wonder what is more important - America, aka We The People, or they open their mouth simply to hear their own voice.

Right now Joe Leiberman is touting a message of putting America first; which seems to be the best thing I've heard today regarding this election. I watched some of the DNC and I saw a prom of sorts. Barrack Obama is a celebrity. He's supported by celebrities such as Oprah and others in Hollywood. The media love him. I think of Bill Mauer and how he has smugly lampoons about the Bush Administration as if he is a duty expert in America and her politics and I'm reminded of a commercial where a soap opera star states, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on television." Bill, if you ever get wind of this... kiss my ass. And bring Ben Affleck and Sean Penn along too.

All over the news today there are criticisms of Sarah Palin, John McCain's VP choice. Rhetoric is bouncing all over the media and the Internet about her inexperience and making an issue of her daughter's pregnancy. When it comes to experience, let's all be remineded - Democrat and Republican - the Oval Office has been occupied by a former state governor (Clinton-AR and Bush-TX). And as for the sensationalist nonsense over Bristol Palin's pregnancy... detractors actually have the audacity to discern because of this, Sarah Palin is an unfit mother, which by default, means she can't lead. How is this any more or less relevant than Bill Clinton's marital infidelity as governor of Arkansas, his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the claims of "I didn't inhale." Stick to the business of running the country, I say.

It isn't a secret. Obama can deliver a speech. Damn, that man know how to stir an audience. I've always said people eat with their eyes. How many times have you looked at a menu and chosen a meal because the picture looked appealing? If you go solely on photogenic charisma, Obama looks better than McCain. If you go by oratory skills, Obama sounds better than McCain. By profession I'm a salesman, a marketer. I look for problems that my product or service can solve. I do not claim to be the greatest the salesman on the planet but I understand branding, packaging and presentation. As my girlfriend jests, quoting a movie line, I say the same, "What's in the bo-o-o-ox?" When I peel away the minutia disquised as substance I see Obama as a well-intentioned guy but not one that will serve my country. I see a man that is trying to sell my country his message of "change we can believe in" and qualifications based on his charisma and charm. Subsequent posts will demonstrate I feel Obama is the wrong choice for us.

Let the race begin.

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